New client area in NIPF Office

The Police Fund office layout has always made it difficult for assessment officers to speak with clients; anyone who has dropped in knows that the only available space to talk is in the hall. This has proved difficult due to the hall being used as a walkway through for staff and the thin walls making it impossible to speak without being heard by the PRRT classes. With this is mind we are now creating an area for clients to meet with their assessment officer, this will be in our old Boardroom. The new Boardroom will be located off the PRRT corridor, next to the Retired Police office.

We will create a safe and comfortable space for clients to be able to speak in private without interruption.  Due to Assessment Officers being out on visits on average  two days per week  we would ask that if you are planning on dropping in to the office that you please telephone in advance to inform us, this will ensure that your assessment officer is in the office and available to meet with you.