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The Fund was set up in 2002 following a report by John Steele into how recommendation 87 of the Patten Report could be implemented.

Initially the Fund was a Company Limited by Guarantee but in 2016 this was changed to a Statutory Body of the Department of Justice under the Northern Ireland Police Fund Regulations 2016. The Fund is classed as an Executive Non-Departmental Body.

Structure of Fund

NIPF Board

The Fund is overseen by a Board which is appointed by the Minister for Justice. The current membership of the Board is:

  • Dr Michael Wardlow (Chair)
  • Mrs Alice O’Kane
  • Mrs Brenda Plummer
  • Mr Colin Caughey
  • Mr Jonathan Craig
  • Ch. Supt Simon Walls
  • Mr Gareth Jenkins

The Board has a broad range of expertise and experience and includes a nominee of the PSNI Chief Constable and the Police Federation for Northern Ireland. The Board is responsible for overseeing the operation and corporate governance of the Fund and meets monthly. In addition the Board has a Finance and General Purposes Committee which meets on an ad hoc basis to oversee the provision of financial support, and an Audit Committee which meets quarterly.


The work of the Fund is carried out by a team of six staff. The Chief Executive is Ronnie Pedlow and he is accountable to the Board and to the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Justice. He is supported by the:

  • Head of Assessment,
  • Office Manager,
  • Two Assessment Officers and
  • Office administrator.

In addition the Fund has a team of four Occupational Therapists who support clients.


The Fund is wholly funded by the Department of Justice.

Our Schemes and Services

We recognise the importance of providing ongoing care for our clients, seeking to support them in their continued active participation in their family and community life. We aim to do this by focusing on providing support within the home environment.


Read more about the criteria for eligibility.

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