Receipts Guidance


The Fund wishes to inform clients of an update to receipts received for items purchased under the NIPF Grant schemes.

  • Grants awarded must only be spent on the actual item funded that have had prior approval.  Retrospective payments will not be considered.
  • Deposits must not be paid prior to receiving a letter of offer or payment has been made by the NI Police  Fund
  • Receipts must show a financial transaction from grantee to supplier.
  • An electronic receipt must be a printed copy from a supplier which should include the name and address of supplier, item, date, method of payment and total amount.
  • Cash Payments are not acceptable
  • Handwritten receipts are not acceptable
  • Invoices marked as paid (Handwritten or stamped) are not acceptable
  • The NIPF cannot accept receipts directly from Suppliers
  • The Fund also reserves the right to request additional documents as required.

Please click the link below for examples.

Receipts information sheet  August 2023

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