General Support Scheme

Northern Ireland Police Fund | NIPF

This scheme is essentially about awarding payments to assist clients to carry out essential home maintenance work, to replace or repair basic household items or furniture and otherwise to assist the purchase of equipment.


  • A home visit by an Assessment Officer
  • The client submits a completed application form. Evidence to confirm all household monthly income and expenditure as set out on the application form i.e. bank statements, mortgage statement, rates bill and benefit award letter. Household income must include spouse/partner and anyone living at the applicants address.
  • Correct number of quotations from suppliers in line with fund quotations guidelines.
  • You must not pay for the item/works prior to receiving payment, this includes entering into any financial agreements or paying deposits for these items. You cannot pay for the item/work in cash.

More information?

More information and application forms are available in the DOWNLOADS section.

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